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vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
Hello! I'm back and NOT looking for Unicorns this time!
Please show me your lovely items!!

**I pay in full, at one time. I do not need payment plans!**
**Please check out my feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1754140.html **
**I am looking for only these colors, unless I run into someone who wants to trade! Then, I will consider other colors**
**I am really only interested in these two items currently, but I will look at previously mentioned WTBs**
**I will look at AatP's Snow Queen prints, but Baby's take priority**
**I live in Atlanta, GA, United States of America, 30043**
**International Shipping is NOT an issue**
**I am so honored to work with you!**
**Please let me know if you see one of these items on some other website! I'll reward you if I can!**


Item 1:
Angelic Pretty's Radiant Candlelight Series
Type: Skirt
Color: Wine

Lolibrary Link: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/radiant-candlelight-skirt
RC Skirt Wine
I am ONLY looking for the skirt in WINE. The only reason I will look at other colors is to trade.
The shirring must come with the skirt. I don't mind used.

Item 2:
Angelic Pretty's Radiant Candlelight Series
Type: Head Bow
Color: Wine

Lolibrary Link: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/radiant-candlelight-head-bow
RC Bow Wine
I am looking for the Head Bow in Wine ONLY! I already have a Head Bow in White. If you would like to trade, that is fine.
I don't mind used. If you have a bow that goes well with the skirt, I will look at it.

Item 3:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Queen of Snow ~The White Kingdom From Which a Fairy Lands Gently~ Series
Type: One Piece/ OP
Color: Saxony or Lavender

Lolibrary Link: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/queen-snow-~-white-kingdom-which-fairy-lands-gently~-op
BTSSB Snow Queen OP LavenderBTSSB Snow Queen OP Sax
I am looking for the OP only. I would prefer Lavender, but I will look at Saxony. If neither of those, I will think about Black.
I don't mind used, but all components must be there.

Item 4:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Queen of Snow ~The White Kingdom From Which a Fairy Lands Gently~ Series
Type: Head Bow
Saxony or Lavender
Lolibrary Link: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/queen-snow-~-white-kingdom-which-fairy-lands-gently~-head-bow
SQ Bow LavSQ Bow Sax
I really want the matching Head Bow here. I will consider other compatible bows. I don't mind used.

Item Xtra:
Alice and the Pirates' Queen of Snow and the Magic of Whiteness Series
 Type: JSK I
Color: Any (In order of desirability: Navy, Green, Wine, Black)

Lolibrary Link: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/queen-snow-and-magic-whiteness-jsk-i

I will look at this dress only if I cannot find the other two. Let me know if you want to sell it, and I will keep it in mind!
I am okay with used! Bonus if you have the Head Bow or matching pieces.

Item 0~Miscellaneous:
Any Brand/ Off Brand
 Type: Socks, Accessories, Purses, Headbows, Cloak, Necklace
Color: Saxony, Lavender, Wine, White, Gold
Why?: Matching Items Above

Lolibrary Links: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/snow-queen-mantle

SQ MantleSQ Choker
Aatp SocksSQ Socks Sax
Tram Navy BowTram Red Bow

I will consider items from the matching sets above OR Items that will match these items. I'm also looking for Gold and White items. I will look especially at Baby's Snow Queen Mantle and the Queen of Snow Choker. Also, Baby's Traumerei of Bright Stars Bow in Navy or Red.

Thank you so much for having a look!! I'm excited you stopped by! Have a good day!! Let me know if I can help out!
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
Cici Shop (Ciciworks): http://ciciwork.taobao.com/
Reason: Headdresses
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
Long story short, I want to buy your cute items! Come in and take a look!! Especially if you have Twinkle Carnival!! Or Unicorns and Ponies!

Read onward!!Collapse )
21st-May-2012 06:52 pm - Surgery
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
I will be having a neurosurgery from May 22-24. So, my feedback might be a bit slow. I might not be on much lately, so I wanted that to be known to all the wonderful people I'm doing transactions with!

I'm already "Loli-fying" my equipment. I bought a cute tiny AP Unicorn Bag to keep my meds and programer inside. It is just excellent!! And I bought it to help a girl help her friend which gives me the warm fuzzies.

Thanks for your support and your understanding, my friends!!
12th-May-2012 09:23 pm - WTB! Baby and AatP
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
Hello!! I am going to beach to celebrate having a surgery finished, and I am trying to put together two outfits to take with me! My surgery is May 22, and it will hopefully let me have a more normal life. Thank you for helping me!!

I would like to purchase:

AATP: Melty Mermaid OTK Socks and Round Headdress in Navy/Black
Btssb: Unicorn in Bloomland OTK Socks and Headbow in Ivory

My feedback is: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1754140.html

I live in Georgia, 30043, United States of America

Alice and the Pirates: Melty Mermaid OTK Socks in Black

Alice and the Pirates Melty Mermaid Round Headdress in Navy

Unico in Bloomland OTK Socks in Ivory

Unico in Bloomland Headbow in Ivory

Thank you for looking <3
8th-Apr-2012 04:26 pm - Reviving Loli_Able
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
I finally wrote up the LolI_Able post. It felt nice to get it done. I felt like I've found a home here on LJ. It's much less invasive than Facebook. Also, I feel like I can help people here, because there are goals. I hope that I can contribute in some small way to making the world a happier place. It gives me joy to do so.

I also hope I'm not being annoying. Sometimes I'm sure people want to tell me, "I found your nose; it is in my business again." I'm curious, so I hope people will be frank with me and forgiving when I screw up.

I'm putting the link here so I don't lose it.

I'm hoping to see some people come forward to lead. My goal is to spread the responsibility so that there will always be someone there for a crisis and to help out.

If I were deciding on mods, I guess I would like this kind of set up:
  1. Chronic Pain Loli
  2. Autoimmune Loli
  3. Endometriosis Loli
  4. Gynecological/Vaginal lllness Loli
  5. Cancer Loli
  6. Social Anxieties Loli
  7. Personality Disorders Loli
  8. Depression Loli
  9. Healthy Illness-conscious Loli
  10.  PTSD/Trauma Loli
  11. Skin/ Facial Diseases/Anxieties Loli
That way, there are mods for most every category that knows the specifics on a certain type of illness. I think that would be wonderful. Everyone has specific areas of specialties, almost like doctors xD. Maybe we could come up for cute "specialty" names. Haha. I like this type of set-up. But maybe it is a good thing I'm not the deciding factor. ^_~ It's split evenly. I didn't even mean to do that.

I also would like to know what terms people like/dislike. Nothing really phases me, but "handicapped" or "disabled" upset some people. I don't want to upset someone by accident.

On a random note: I love the song "I've Got Friends On The Other Side"! I just love his voice (From the Princess and the Frog) This is one of my favorite movies. For some reason, it seemed perfect to watch on Easter. I also love Charlotte when she shakes her boobs into position. That is hilarious, because I always have to do that. xD

I think I should put that fabulous picture of me before the experimental surgery. I love how I'm puffed up like a balloon. It's me as every one of the fat characters I jokingly want to cosplay (Not to mention Atlas-as-Aria). Except that I might have grown out of that. Especially since I'm terrible at costuming. I would rather focus on Lolita anyway. Funny how things change as you grow up...

That air suit was so warm. I had fun pretending to be, alternately:
  1. Working at Biosafety Level 4 for the CDC with Ebola
  2. 100 more pounds than I actually weigh
  3. Pressing the air down for different body shapes
  4. A blimp or zeppelin; the Hindenburg only once(!)
The surgery itself was fun. I enjoyed being awake for once.

8th-Apr-2012 12:08 am - Going Out and Riding the Carousel
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
I went out to the mall today and yesterday, once in a Baby dress and once in a AP dress. I had a lot of fun, and finally managed to get some stick on nails and a purse that is cute. (It is a Hello Kitty Carousel purse!!)

Speaking of Carousels and Unicorns... I found some prints I like. I'll be keeping an eye out for them ^_^

Chantilly Phantom Merry Go Round [Blue x Silver]

This is so pretty!! I have no idea where to even find this.


AP Twinkle Carnival Switching JSK [Pink]

Sugary Carnival JSK (Lavender)

Innocent World Merry Go Round (Wine)

Putumayo Jewelry Ribbon Velveteen OP [Navy x Silver]

Jewelry Ribbon Velveteen One-piece
Jewelry Ribbon Velveteen One-piece

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Skirt? JSK?[Pink]

[Courtesy: Carousel of Crowns]

Bodyline Carousel JSK [Blue or Pink]

[Courtesy: Evolution of Le Chat Beige]

I think all of these are cute, and won't mind grabbing some in different colors!! With the right socks and shoes, I can just interchange most of these. I really like them :D
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
This is my dream dress of all time <3!!
Meta (Metamorphose temps de fille)'s Twinkle Journey OP!!
I want it in Navy.


[[HelloLace Images- Just for me]]
[The HelloLace images that show up just for me]Collapse )

I reeeaaally want the Navy.

Navy print^

A couple shots of the dress v


Black version! So cute worn :D 

Close-up of the bust!

Please help me find this:D!!
vivienne, marianne, bambicrony, bella bambi
I love this cute little print so much <3
It is out of print on CD_Japan, which means it isn't coming back ;_;

It reminds me of Hydrangeas, my favorite flower <3!

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